intuitiv richtig – Psychologische Beratung
Dr. phil. Peter Flury-Kleubler, Psychologe FSP, Einzel- und Paarberatung, St. Gallen


The prospect of a sexual encounter triggers dreams, expectations, performance pressure and fears. Sexual fulfillment cannot be made. It can happen if one lets it happen.

Fulfillment has its source in abundant time, relaxation and the ability to express ones desires. Time pressure, stress, tolerating something one does not want, and alcohol are toxic.

Sexuality happens in relationships. Sex without a relationship hurts – both the counterpart and oneself.

Sexuality bears fruit. We are the fruit of the sexual pleasure of our parents, grandparents and all the generations before. Our thoughts about the sexual encounters of our ancestors dye our own lust and shame.

Sexuality is the vital life force we owe our existence to and which will be the root of our children and grandchildren. Even if it is not about children, sex remains the vital life force.

Can you live your sexual life force as you would like to?

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intuitively right – Psychological Counselling

Dr. phil. Peter Flury-Kleubler, Psychologist FSP, St. Gallen, Switzerland